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TMJ Treatment

Learn More about TMJ Treatment with Dental Health Solutions

​When jaw pain strikes, it can disrupt a number of daily activities. In dentistry, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues are recognized as a leading cause of jaw, head, and neck pain – TMJ problems can cause frequent headaches, limited mobility, and difficulty with eating, among other problems. The temporomandibular joint functions as a sliding hinge – it connects the jawbone to the rest of the skull, and enables us to chew, bite and speak properly. Dr. Juan Lopez and Dr. Yamilka Serrano of Dental Health Solutions assist their Fulton patients with pain caused by TMJ disorders.


​In many cases, the problems associated with TMJ pain resolve themselves over time and do not require extensive treatment. However, that is not always the case, and even temporary issues demand relief. Drs. Serrano and Lopez, at Dental Health Solutions, offer non-surgical solutions to those patients suffering from TMJ issues. 

​Signs and Symptoms of TMJ Problems

​• Pain or tenderness in or around the jaw

• Ear aches

• Difficulty or discomfort while eating

• Aches and pains in the face


Dental Solutions to TMJ

​Drs. Lopez or Serrano will assess the severity of the TMJ problem(s) to determine which solution would work best. Often, TMJ problems can be improved through temporary appliances, such as:

- The Gelb splint which repositions the jaw to decrease clicking and relieve nerve pain. 

- The Farrar appliance is a night time guard to keep part of the jaw from relaxing back while the patient is sleeping. It discourages grinding and biting.


Drs. Lopez and Serrano will encourage their Fulton patients to try completely non-invasive home exercises to treat the symptoms caused by TMJ issues. For instance, resistance exercises that encourage a specific set of movements can radically reduce the discomfort felt, and relieve clicking and pain. This is because exercise increases the blood flow (and therefore oxygen) to the TMJ and surrounding muscles, which in turn relaxes and rejuvenates them.


​The dentists at Dental Health Solutions will treat each case individually. Once the diagnosis is made, options are explored and pros and cons are discussed for patients to make informative decisions for their health. 

​Contact your Fulton Dentist


​If you have been experiencing jaw, head, neck and/or facial pain, you may have problems with your TMJ. Contact Dental Health Solutions, we will be happy to schedule you a consultation at our Fulton office. 

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