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At Dental Health Solutions, we want all our Fulton patients to enjoy only the best in dental health. We believe the best way to provide this is by offering quality, comprehensive services to the entire family in one location. We see patients from the Fulton area from the age of 3 on up.

Convenient, Personalized CareA family brushes their teeth together. Visit our family dentist office in Fulton, NY to fond out how to protect the smiles of you and your family.

A family dentist is educated and experienced in providing oral care for people of all ages. Dr. Juan Lopez and Dr. Yamilka Serrano at Dental Health Solutions are able to address oral health problems for all age groups. They have studied the development of teeth through all stages of life and remain on top of developments through continuing education and their engagement with professional organizations. Drs. Lopez and Serrano invest themselves for the betterment of their patients’ smile!

Preventive Care

At our Fulton-based practice, we strive to prevent dental problems at every age. Our staff work together to educate patient’s about their dental health and help build a strong at-home oral care routine. Building a trusting relationship between dentist and patients is important, even more so for the younger patients. It helps prevent dental phobias and builds a trusting relationship between dentist and patient.

Preventative care for the whole family includes several types of procedures and treatments. Young children may have sealants placed and fluoride treatments. As children age, their bite is carefully watched as secondary teeth grow in. Dental Health Solutions helps young athletes with sport mouth guards to protect their smile. Cosmetic procedures can help restore a beautiful smile and procedures such as crowns for severely damaged and dental implants for lost teeth in order to maintain a beautiful and fully functioning bite. 

Flexibility and Location!

Having children and raising a family presents many challenges to your time. We know that, and we are here to help! If you have school-age children, it is most convenient to schedule multiple appointments in the same facility and on the same day. We help you with your schedule, and whenever possible we will schedule the entire family so that they can be seen at the same time, whether that is for a cleaning or orthodontics, or general dentistry.

Visit our Fulton Family Dentistry Office

Dental Health Solutions offer reliable, trustworthy care in a high-tech, professional facility. For more information on the services we provide or to make an appointment, please contact us today.


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