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Dentures in Fulton, NY from Dental Health Solutions

Getting new teeth doesn’t have to be a frightening or challenging task. At Dental Health Solutions, we make the process easy! With our focus on professional, compassionate dental care, our experienced doctors are able to provide a dental solution for replacing teeth. Dr. Juan Lopez and Dr. Yamilka Serrano offer Fulton patients removable dentures (partial and full plates) and implant-retained dentures. 

Cosmetic and Functional Solutions 

Dentures renew function and restore a beautiful smile to patients who struggle with missing teeth. The functional benefits are wide-ranging, and have impact on everyday life, as missing teeth interferes with eating (the ability to bite, chew, and digest) and impairs a person’s speech. Dentures are easily removed each evening for a thorough cleaning and are left out during sleep. Drs. Lopez and Serrano provide at-home instructions to maintain oral health and optimize the longevity of denture plates.

Partial denture plates are created to blend in with remaining teeth for the most natural look. Dentures boost a wearer’s self-esteem and confidence with a natural looking smile.

Implant-Retained Dentures

Dental Health Solutions offers implant-retained dentures as a more permanent option for denture wearers. Dental implants are placed into the jaw bone and, through a process called osseointegration, fuse to the bone. creating a permanent and stable support to hold dentures in place. Patients who struggle with getting a comfortable fit, or just want a more convenient and reliable method to hold their dentures in place, have the implant option. Dr. Lopez or Dr. Serrano will examine bone and gum tissue of patients interested in dental implant-retained dentures to make sure they qualify for the implant procedure. 

Patient Experience

Whether you’re receiving full, partial or implant-retained dentures, our Fulton dentists wants patients to feel comfortable and fully involved in every step of the process. We encourage our patients to openly ask questions and share concerns so that we can create the best treatment plan to provide desired results. We want our patients to be fully satisfied with their new smile and encourage them to visit the office for any necessary adjustments. 

Our Commitment to You!

To guarantee our patients’ comfort, we offer comprehensive denture care and after-care instructions. We are focused on the patient experience, and want to provide our patients with a long-lasting, reliable new smile. If you would like more information about the dentures we provide, the process of having dentures fitted, pricing, or to make an appointment, please contact us at our Fulton office today! We look forward to restoring your smile!

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