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Learn More about Root Canals in Fulton NY

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Root canal treatment is the dental procedure used to treat the inner portion (pulp) of an infected or damaged tooth. At Dental Health Solutions of Fulton, NY, Dr. Juan Lopez and Dr. Yamilka Serrano work to save and restore as much of the natural tooth as possible through root canal therapy. Our team is dedicated to giving Fulton patients a comfortable experience and with long-lasting results. 

Why Root Canal Therapy?

Below the hard surface of your tooth is soft interior called “pulp”. Within the pulp, there are blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue – all of which are connected to the root of the tooth via canals. When bacteria or infection find their way into the pulp area, patients may develop persistent pain, a possible abscess, or infected roots. Long-term infection could ultimately damage the gums and bone resulting in tooth loss.

Watch for signs of an infected tooth:

- Swollen gums
- Gums are tender to touch
- Prolonged tooth pain
- Bleeding gums
- Persistent bad breath

These signs and symptoms are not always indicative of an infected tooth, but they should cause alarm as they do not describe a normal healthy mouth. 

Think you may need root canal therapy?

Let Dr. Juan Lopez or Dr. Yamilka Serrano assess your tooth. If decay or severe damage is found, our doctors will educate you about their findings and all your available treatment options. Extraction is a last resort, whereas usually a less invasive root canal therapy plan can be implemented. Our aim is to restore function to the tooth, protect it from further decay and give you a beautiful smile.

What happens during root canal therapy?

During root canal therapy, Dr. Juan Lopez or Dr. Yamilka Serrano will remove the infection, clean the pulp area and treat affected roots and nerves. Once infection is removed a crown is placed on top of the remaining tooth to protect the integrity, and return full function back to the tooth. Maintaining as much of the original tooth as possible will promote long-term gum and bone health.

Finding a Fulton Dentist who performs Root Canal Treatment

We are a Fulton general dental practice and also treat families for cosmetic and restorative dental concerns. For more information about root canal therapy or to make an appointment, please contact us today. 

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